Who is Monaris? 

Paola Franqui, also known as Monaris, is a Puerto Rico-born Photographer based in New Jersey, an Adobe Lightroom Partner, and a Sony Ambassador.

Combining her passion for visual storytelling and photography, Monaris has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory that lives to transform brief instances of reality into movie-like scenes.

Her authenticity behind the camera brings out the humanity in her subject matter. Paola's ability to transport you directly into a scene is experienced boldly through both her personal and professional work, taking her all around the world. From documenting the energy of Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval to showcasing the Americana charm of the United States' Midwest and leading photography workshops, she has partnered with some of the world's most prominent brands to create and tell stories from her unique visual lens.

What once started as a hobby many years ago has transpired into Paola’s truest vocation. As a result, her creative journey has changed her life in unimaginable ways. Storytelling is a key element cemented in Paola's creative vision — something she holds near and dear to her heart.


Artist Statement

I'm always trying to push boundaries within myself by mastering timing and refining my ability to observe and record those decisive moments in time. I am a reader of people and fascinated by human behavior.  Always curious, and wondering what the people I capture are experiencing, what emotions they are going through, and I try to share their stories. A snapshot of a passing moment that will never happen again. 

I hope for people to go beyond their senses with my images, as I wish to evoke emotion behind the lives that people lead.


Select Clients 

Budweiser, American Airlines, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Sony, Adobe, Acura, ESPN, Viking Cruises, Uber, Verizon, StreetEasy, Samsung, among others. 

Using Format